About Rupesh Rajput Photography

Rupesh is a professional photographer, who has worked on sophisticated lenses and different digital tools from past 20+ years. He has made people happy by capturing their life’s best memories through his lenses. His techniques have evolved right from black and white photographs to colored photographs. It was his passion for the photography, that, he took efforts to learn the next generation technology in the domain of photography. He developed his appetite for best Photography and it was because of that, he engaged himself in various certificate courses, workshops and participated in competitions to enhance his Photography skills. His forte is wedding photography, Pre and Post wedding photography, destination wedding photography, candid photography, corporate events etc. Although, he is Dehradun based, but, you can find his many satisfied clients across the country including cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Goa etc. He believes that, a good home work before any shoot, can surely give an edge to his work. He understand demands of the clients and accordingly work on their specific requirements. His clients, especially, of wedding photography, have always been benefited from his rich experience and knowledge of different Indian religions, cultures and rituals. His photography for different kinds of corporate events, have always been appreciated by the corporate event managers. He comprehend the demands of corporate clients, distinguish between their formal or informal events and give them the best photography or videography. He is a science graduate from H.N.B. Garwhal University, Uttrakhand. Previously, he has worked with many media houses as a camera man. There is one line which fully describes Rupesh and his personality: “Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it” - Katherine Whitehorn.